Monday, February 1, 2016

Adventures in Amigurumi: Kon from Bleach

I am a hooker. That's right-- I crochet. Recently my husband stumbled upon the art of Amigurumi. He was tickled to learn that this hobby of mine can result in more geeky awesome toys, and immediately started making a wish list for me. So, in light of this, I started on project #1 Kon from Bleach. (Note: I do not own this image)

This is an obvious choice since he is a stuffed animal. I had not read and followed a pattern up until this point, so I decided to free-hand it as I usually do. I started with a ball of yarn that I had acquired that seemed to be a close enough color and fired it up. Well, I have a nice Kon bowling pin so far. I ran out of yarn before I have been able to finish his arms and legs, but that is on the shopping list now. I have a few other projects running in the mean time, and still need to get to the craft and fabric store in the next town to get supplies for the next project too. I will update with pictures when Kon is finished, but for now. Here's what I have. His seams are a bit crooked, and I didn't have a white button with 4 holes, so his belly button is pale green, but this is my first shot, and I was trying to use what I already had. I have gotten the hang of the tension needed for this, and the magic circle. I can't share a pattern for this, as I didn't use one (sorry). I am pretty pleased with how his face turned out, though.

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